Poemas / Mōtetea / Poems, Gabriela Mistral (University of Massey Press)


The Absolute, Daniel Guebel (Seven Stories Press)


Horses Drawn with Blue Chalk, Rocío Ágreda Piérola (Ugly Duckling Presse)


The Valley Loses Its Atmosphere, Winétt de Rokha (Shearsman Books)


What is Love, Manuel Magallanes Moure (Snuggly Books)


The Ant: Delia del Carril, The Avant-Garde Artist Who Married Pablo Neruda, by Fernando Sáez (Fiction Advocate)


Two Stories, by Osvaldo Lamborghini (Sublunary Editions)


Asphodels, by Bernardo Couto Castillo (Snuggly Books)


A Looking Glasse for the Court (prologue), Antonio de Guevara (Sublunary Editions)


Oneiromancy, by Winétt de Rokha (Smokestack Books)


Sentimental Doubts, by Teresa Wilms Montt (Snuggly)


Sentimental Stories, by Enrique Gómez Carrillo (Snuggly Books)


The Turquoise Ring, by Rafaela Contreras (Snuggly Books)

turquoise ring cover

The Other Toscanini The Life and Works of Héctor Panizza, by Sebastiano De Filippi and Daniel Varacalli Costas (University of North Texas Press)


DW Cities: Santiago, an anthology of 28 contemporary Chilean writers (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)


Playlist, poems by Ernesto González Barnert (Plaza de Letras; Floricanto)

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In the Stillness of Marble, poems by Teresa Wilms Montt (Snuggly Books)

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Woman Hanging from a Rope, novel by Fe Orellana (Floricanto)


When I Think of My Missing Head, novel by Adolfo Couve (Snuggly Books)


Land of Smoke, stories by Sara Gallardo (Pushkin Press)


Seams : Costuras, Cristina Rivera Garza (Girasol Press)

Seams |

Our Dead World, stories by Liliana Colanzi (Dalkey Archive)


Pyrotechnics, poems by Hilda Mundy (We Heard You Like Books; reissue Mariposa Mundial)

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Excerpt from Jewish Son by Daniel Guebel

The White Review

So Many Times, Lausanne by Carlos Fonseca

Latin American Literature Today

The Long Cueca of the Anti-Poet by Antonio Díaz Oliva
This Side of Paradise: José Donoso at Princeton by Antonio Díaz Oliva
Future Worlds at the Hairdresser’s: Altopía as Comic and Literature by Gabriel Guzmán Camacho
Interview with Liliana Colanzi: The literature of irreality let me sink into a stranger world by Marcelo Rioseco

La Piccioletta Barca

Five Poems by Omar Lara

Paradise Almanac

The Country Where the Rain Was Luminous by Amado Nervo


Excerpt from The Live-Ins by Ernesto Garratt

Washington Square Review

Poems from The House of Fog by Elena Anníbali
Two poems by Rocío Ágreda Piérola

Litro Magazine

The Last by Carlos Fonseca
The Condition of Woman by Alicia Jurado, chapter from her book El descubrimiento del mundo


‘Interview with Ida Vitale’ by Carmen Troncoso
‘Boris Pasternak’s Meditation’ by Ezequiel Alemian
‘Two or More Ghosts’ by Marcelo Cohen
‘Prometheus & Company’ (excerpt) by Eduardo Wilde

Boy for Rent, novel by Mayte Esteban (Spain), available as an ebook

The Missing Slate

‘The Absurdity of the Cosmos’, 12 Bolivian poets in translation

Cesar Vallejo’s Season in Hell, “Proletario que mueres de universo”, chapter of a novel by Eduardo Gonzalez Viana — Monograph No. 5 in the Centre of Cesar Vallejo Studies series published by University College London (UK)

Modern Poetry in Translation: Three poems by Francisco Bitar

Revista Traviesa: Literary exchange between Juan Sebastián Cárdenas (Colombia) and Emiliano Monge (Mexico)

Ventana Latina: Isabel Allende (interview), Patricio Guzmán (interview), Ignacio Padilla (short story), Pablo López Luz (interview), Alejandro Zambra (interview + video), Santiago Gamboa (interview + video), Manuel Antonio Garretón (interview), Francisco Negroni (interview), Evgueni Bezzubikoff (poetry), Laura Silva (text), Saúl Roll (novel excerpt), Alberto Kurapel (short story), Eusebio Ruvalcaba (article), Francisco Bitar (poetry), Mauricio Orellana Suárez (poetry), Florencia Abbate (short story), Valentina Montoya Martínez (personal story), Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky (interview), Karen Arango (interview), Pablo Pérez (novel excerpt), Liliana Colanzi (short story), Francisco Ide Wolleter (poetry), Jonio González (poetry), Edmundo Paz Soldán (novel excerpt), Leo Zelada (poetry), Maximiliano Barrientos (text), Alejandra Lerma (poetry), Ernesto González Barnert (poetry), Fernando Sáez (book excerpt), Miguel Naranjo Ríos (poetry), Omar Chauvié (poetry), Mauro Quesada (poetry), Diego Rosake (poetry), David Villagrán Ruz (poetry), Mirka Arriagada Vladilo (poetry), Bernardo Reyes (poetry), Alfonso Grez (poetry), Gastón Carrasco (poetry), Roberto Contreras (poetry), Emersson Pérez (poetry), Diego Alegría (poetry), Isabel Rivero (poetry), Carmen Troncoso Baeza (poetry), Nicolás López-Pérez (poetry)

Palabras Errantes

–  Short stories by Arturo Vallejo: Dendrology and The Problem of the Apeiron
– Poems by Evgueni Bezzubikoff: Girls, Accomplices, Traditions, The Dead, Curves, The Polis, The Scrolls of Christ from the Elqui

Assorted commercial work (Spanish and Portuguese -> English): Legal documents, press releases, documentary subtitle translations, theoretical texts, etc.